How I Learned to Crochet, Part 1: My Why

Crochet and Coffee

Sitting down with yarn and a hook is one of my biggest stress relievers. It is a way for me to be creative in a tangible way. There is nothing like going from a ball of yarn to a beautiful blanket, hat, or another crochet project. Now, I am not an advanced crocheter by any means. My skills are still developing, and I am continuously learning from other crocheters in the community.

Over the next few weeks I want to take you through a little bit of my journey as a crocheter and share with you some of the resources that I have found beneficial in learning this beautiful art form. This series will cover reasons why you might want to crochet, supplies you need to start, where to learn from and more!

Why I Learned to Crochet

There are many different reasons that you may have to learn crochet. From wanting to make things, needing a new hobby, having a love for yarn but not knowing what to do with it, the reasons are truly endless. For me, there were a couple of key factors for picking up a hook for the first time.

  1. I needed a new creative outlet.

Creative outlets are important for our mental well-being. It’s something we need to use in a big or small way as we go through life. For a majority of my life I danced as my creative outlet. However, as I got older opportunities and spaces for that became limited and I needed a way to have some self-care and do something fun. The idea of a craft that was mobile appealed to me and my current lifestyle and crochet took the cake (after trying knitting and loom knitting).

  1. I’m a gift giver.

I LOVE giving gifts to people. It’s not uncommon for me to give someone I care about something just because. Crochet gives me the opportunity to give gifts to people that are homemade. Those gifts are a nice way to say, “I love you” or “I care about you” or any other statement you can think of. I think of my items as a little piece of love that comes out one stitch at a time (it’s corny and I like it).

  1. It keeps my hands busy.

Do you know someone who can doze off as soon as they get still? Or goes for their cellphone or tablet as soon as they sit down? I am one of those people. If I don’t have something in my hands to do or mess with, I’m likely going to start falling asleep on you. However, with crochet I can keep my hands busy and still focus on a conversation or Netflix binge without snoozing.

  1. It’s FUN!

The most important reason I continue to crochet is because I think it’s fun! I had tried other fiber arts before crochet and found them to be tedious and work. However, when I pick up my crochet hook, I’m just having fun. There may be projects that I have to pull out multiple times (hat sizing can be a nightmare sometimes), but I still find enjoyment in the work.

No matter your reasons are for picking up a hook, let them guide you. There are so many different reasons and ways to enjoy crochet, you don’t have to pick just one. Leave me a comment about the reason why you started to crochet or want to start crocheting below!


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